Open Access

Im Zusammenhang mit unseren Forschungsprojekten stellen wir Inhalte zum freien Download zur Verfügung. Hier finden Sie die entsprechenden Links.


  • Liebmann et al., 2019: Pedicle screw navigation using surface digitization on the Microsoft HoloLens - Repository


  • Carrillo et al., 2020: Digitalization of the IOM: A comprehensive cadaveric study for obtaining three-dimensional models and morphological properties of the forearm's interosseous membrane - STL Files


  • Ackermann et al., 2021: A new Approach to Orthopedic Surgery Planning using Deep Reinforcement Learning and Simulation: Repository
  • Liebmann et al., 2021: SpineDepth Dataset 
  • Seibold et al., 2021:  Acoustic-Based Spatio-Temporal Learning for Press-Fit Evaluation of Femoral Stem Implants: Repository



  • Seibold et al., 2024:  Spatial Context Awareness in Surgery through Sound Source Localization. Repository, Dataset