Research Projects

Besides planning orthopedic surgeries, ROCS is involved in various research areas related to the planning and execution of surgical procedures. The main focus is on computer-aided, simulation-based planning as well as the use of Machine Learning (ML) and Augmented Reality (AR) to support the surgeon during the operation.

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Support of the surgeon through auditory signals



Deep learning based mathematical representation of spinal surgery workflows


AR Square

A project to develop advanced augmented reality visualizations for image-based interventions



Development of an algorithm for simulation-based preoperative surgical planning, for the optimal correction of leg deformities under consideration of weight-bearing

A project to develop augmented reality visualizations for image-based interventions by extension of intraoperative X-ray systems

Application for image annotation for machine learning algorithms for object recognition



Analysis of movement in the distal radioulnar joint before and after surgery

Generation of ready-to-use preoperative solutions for orthopaedic surgeries

Establishment of a centre for computer-assisted orthopaedic surgery