Dr. Hooman Esfandiari

After receiving his M.Sc. in Geomatics Engineering (specializing in digital imaging systems) form the University of Calgary, Canada in 2014, Hooman started his doctoral studies at the University of British Columbia, Canada in Biomedical Engineering and finished his PhD program in 2020. Hooman has joined our group as a postdoctoral fellow ever since and will be involved in a number of projects related to computer assisted orthopaedic surgery and medical image analysis.


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  • Esfandiari H, Amiri S, Lichti DD, Anglin C. A fast, accurate and closed-form method for pose recognition of an intramedullary nail using a tracked C-arm. Int J Comput Assist Radiol Surg. 2016 

Congress Publications

  • Esfandiari H, Andreß S, Herold M, Böcker W, Weidert S, Hodgson AJ. A Deep Learning Approach for Single Shot C-Arm Pose Estimation. CAOS. 2020 
  • Esfandiari H, Anglin C, Guy P, Hodgson AJ. A deep learning-based approach for localization of pedicle regions in preoperative CT scans. CAOS. 2018 
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